McLuhan & The Messiah: The Ultimate Extension of Man

McLuhan & The Messiah: The Ultimate Extension of Man

Consistently paradoxical, McLuhan portrayed himself as the objective observer, yet both his celebrity status and authorship of best selling, futurist works paint a contradictory picture in juxtaposition to his own popular narrative. For if “the medium is the message”, then surely McLuhan himself is the messenger. 

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Jindal and the dangerous nature of America's call for "assimilation."

"Unity" through assimilation is completely ignorant of the history of the United States. Let us not forget the reconstruction period wherein we had African Americans in congress and minorities had great potential to fully integrate and prosper into mainstream American society. Let us not forget that when that started to happen, US governments instituted Jim Crow laws, segregation, and systemic housing restrictions that effectively created Americas ghettos. American civil systems turned a blind eye when whites rioted over blacks seeking homes in prospering neighborhoods and lynchings - including the public immolation of black bodies were norms.

How does a state leader in good conscious ask others to accept a culture that has consistently denied said culture a place at the table. As  Danielle C. Belton eloquently put it, "Assimilation is the greatest and most important waste of time any black person will ever engage in. Because it essentially means spending your life anticipating someone else’s prejudices, then trying to modify your behavior to prove you’re a special, different, extraordinary Negro..."  

As Americans, we are better to inform ourselves of and accept our cultural differences, rather than judge and condemn those who do not fit the "traditional" mold - because if we continue ignore the "why" behind cultural relations in our country, it will be exceedingly difficult to improve them. When more prosper, we all see the benefits - when we foolishly exile others on our own soil - not only does the country's bottom line suffer - but so does the idea that America itself is somehow special, different, and extraordinary on the global stage. Viva 'Merica, but Stone Says: get it right Jindal.